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Mach in Musil worked on his masterpiece, the philosophical and satirical novel The Man Without Qualities vols. The combination of artistic imagery and philosophical analysis makes the novel a unique encyclopedia of the various schools and tendencies of 20th-century Western thought. His style, which has been compared to Proust Proust, Marcel , —, French novelist, b. He is one of the great literary figures of the modern age.

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Born to wealthy bourgeois parents, he suffered delicate health as a child and was carefully ministered to by his mother. Click the link for more information. The Man without Qualities, —60 and , widely considered one of the masterpieces of 20th-century literature. Many of his stories have been translated and published in such posthumous collections as Tonka and Other Stories tr. Bibliography See his diaries, ed. Austrian author.

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Hamburg, — Zarubezhnyi roman segodnia. Moscow, Voronezh, Rasch, W. Reniers-Servranckx, A. Bonn, Bad Homburg []. Mentioned in?

Great WWI-era Austrian Writers: Musil, Zweig, Roth

German literature. References in periodicals archive? In the writings of Hugo Ball, Thomas Mann, and Robert Musil the various "peculiarities" of contemporary historiography can be broken down in a new context, and the Sonderweg is revealed as a cultural artifact of a "Weimar moment," used by Germans to reconstruct their society and identity in the aftermath of the First World War. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Spiridon - AbeBooks!


A must for Musil fans seeking to understand the mind of the genius. Excellent, yet inadequate Robert Musil is one of the most complex and little known authors of the 20th Century. I am sure that anyone who has read "The Man without Qualities" will want to know more about Musil after getting to knowhis writing.

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Sadly, there is no adequate Biography available, even inGerman, so one of the best ways to get to know the Author is through hisfascinating Diary. These were actually more Notebooks than Diaries, andthey contain an encylopedic array of information on Musil himself, hisintests, his ideas, and most interestingly his plans for the "Manwithout Qualities". So it is must reading for those interested inMusil.

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The English Translation Compilation, has two major flaws. First, itlacks an Index and other Critical Apparatus, and secondly, we do not whichcriteria were used to re-edit the Notebooks, which were originally editedby Adolf Frise.

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Still the English edition is of great interestto those unaquainted with Musil. Read more 4. Unsparingly honest in its depiction of the author's tangled feelings about his mother, other women, and male bonding, it also vividly illustrates the crisis of a whole society, where the breakdown of traditional values and the cult of pitiless masculine strength were soon to lead to the cataclysm of the First World War and the rise of fascism. A century later, Musil's first novel still retains its shocking, prophetic power.

Read more Customer Reviews 13 A pleasant surprise: beauty and friendship in modern times. As the specialized critics have established this short novel was a preparation for Musil's tour de force "The Man without qualities", in spite of that Musil had written a masterpiece of deutsch literature of the XXth century. The story of the young student Torless penetrates in the deepness of human nature, the lad's philosophical dissertations about math made the reader understand the limits of rational thinking and his refined sensibility toward beauty and friendship made us remembered Achilles and Patroclus agapic love in the Iliad.

To sum up, if anyone desires to read a penetrating story about the complexity of beauty in modern times; Musil's novel based in its own experience as cadet in a military academy is a suitable answer to his preys. I do remember an atmosphere of violent cruelty and adolescent cowardice which binds "Torless" to both "Lord of the Flies" and "A Separate Peace".

I admire all of these authors for focusing so acutely on the sensually disturbed adolescent male--spot-on each and every one of them! Since then I have read it every few years and am impressed every time. This book is about as high-brow as it gets, but it is not pretentious or gratuitously intellectual. The latter aspects of this book are compellingly dealt with but what sets this book apart is that the psychology of sadomasochistic desire is so impressively explored - I do not know of any other writer who has demonstrated such intuition.

Note, this is a rather dark and ultra-intellectual book, so although the homoerotic and latently sadomasochistic erotic content is there, if that is all you're looking for you will very disappointed. Musil is a subtle writer, and it is the mind he examines, not the flesh. A glimpse into adolescent angst, Viennese style Robert Musil is best-known for a very long novel A Man Without Qualities that few people have read.

Rather than a sprawling overview of the fall of the Austro-Hungarian empire, this chilling little novel focuses on the insecurities and corruptions of young man in a boarding school. Whether you take an interest in it for the metaphors of international power struggles no coincidence that the "feminine," exploited boy is Italian , the sadistically expressed homosexuality of these upper class kids, or the psychological study of adolescent angst at the turn of the 20th century, it's a compelling read. I will try to avoid the worshipful attitude which is a feature of such cults.

The final never completed volume, "Into The Millennium The Criminals ", narrows its focus considerably onto the brother-sister relationship of its central character, Ulrich,a relationship that is extremely cerebral, while at the same time very sensual and possibly even heading toward an incestuous coupling the novel was never completed to the extent where one can say such a coupling is "inevitable".

While the social framing of the mind of the protagonist i. However,there are some commonalities, which retrospectively appear to be what are, for lack of a better term, "thematic obsessions" that characterize all of his books. To see these connections and the recurrence of certain ideas and stylistic approaches to handling them, it helps to have read his Notebooks also called "Diaries" , which exist in toto in a German compilation, and in an abridged and selected version in English.

These Notebooks contain the seeds of characters that appear in his published works, sketches of the relationships among them, and the combination of psychological and philosophical examination to which Musil subjects all aspects of the human mind and the specific personalities which embody it.

As the Notebook and its supplementary materials indicate, Musil's education at the University of Berlin in both "phenomenological" psychology and philosophy convinced him of the necessity of authorial introspection for the development of fictional characters and almost all of his characters are modeled on family members, friends and acquaintances. The path to the "scientific" distancing and objectivity which he considered ideal for a writer had to commence with detailed self-examination, although this might be dismissed as something like squaring the circle arriving at a higher objectivity by proceeding through intense subjectivity.

Incidentally, one will run across the destabilizing universal modernist influence of Nietzsche early on in these Notebooks. A brief word on the story itself. In a sense, he has little interest in what it all means to the others or to the larger society to which they belong - the others are like a "force field" which elicits responses from him that teach him about himself. He veers between being a tormenter, rescuer, and icy observer, and he finally "opts out" of the local crisis the setting is in a typical military preparatory school of the late Austro-Hungarian Empire, in which there has been a theft by a student followed by systematic tormenting of that student by expressing a self-evaluation of his role in the affair in terms that are so existential and hypothetical that they baffle the authorities and lead to his withdrawal from the school.

To reinforce the autobiographical interpretation given in the previous paragraph, there was an erotic triangle within his own parents' home, and there were probable fumbling erotic antics between Musil and his childhood friend Gustl Donath the model for "Walter" of "The Man without Qualities" ; these are alluded to in the Notebooks. The book is, I think, as incomplete as its famous successor, but this is the incompletion of youth. With regard to "The Man without Qualities" Musil may have come to believe that it could not be brought to a satisfactory conclusion although he was still determined to do this at the time of his death in because he himself did not know how to put a lid on the "possibilities" of Ulrich's relationship with Agathe; or because he came to believe that "incompletion" was a correct and desirable ending for a novel which would also be a guide to the creation of a new sort of human personality.

The translation by Shaun Whiteside is good, and there is an excellent brief introduction by the novelist J. A final note --the three-stars rating I give this work is to be understood as a "within Musil category", that is, a rating that is relative to better more ambitious, psychologically and stylistically works such as "Five Women" and to the very best work, "The Man without Qualities".

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Read more 5. This new translation--published in two elegant volumes--is the first to present Musil's complete text, including material that remained unpublished during his lifetime. This new edition includesportions of the author's original manuscripts that have never beenpublished before. Though an imposing edifice of writing, devotees ofliterary modernism and anyone interested in the decline of theAustrian empire must read this sweeping, comic take on life inpre-Great War Vienna.

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Read more Customer Reviews 30 Great Book I've noticed the penchant of people reviewing on Amazon to allude to other works, and so I will avoid that. What I will disclose of my general reading is that I've read also well into the posthumous papers of the second volume. I enjoyed this book very much. The sole person to rank the novel with one star claimed it was "a novel without qualities" and said it had pompous prose. The humor of the man without qualities comes from exploiting expectations.