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Policy 39 , — Bartram, J. North Carolina, Global Risks 6th edn World Economic Forum, Hepworth, N. Wales, A. Making sustainable beer. Nature Clim. Change 4 , — Gerbens-Leenes, P. Biofuel scenarios in a water perspective: The global blue and green water footprint of road transport in Change 22 , — Ringler, C. Howells, M.

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Integrated analysis of climate change, land-use, energy and water strategies. Change 3 , — Peronne, D.

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Water, food, and energy security: Scrambling for resources or solutions? WIREs Water 1 , 49—68 Prasad, G. Energy Research Centre, Univ. Cape Town, Martin, B. Sparks, D. Renewable energy choices and their water requirements in South Africa.

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Energy South. Raskin, P. Kirshen, P. Savenije, H. Water scarcity indicators: The deception of the numbers. Earth 25 , — Mason, N. Misselhorn, A. What drives food insecurity in southern Africa? A meta-analysis of household economy studies. Change 15 , 33—43 Ellis, F. Seasonal food crises and policy responses: A narrative account of three food security crises in Malawi.

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Overseas Development Institute, Beilfuss, R. Noel, S. Dar es Salaam.

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Landman, W. Seasonal rainfall prediction skill over South Africa: One- versus two-tiered forecasting systems. Weather Forecast. Multi-model forecast skill for mid-summer rainfall over southern Africa. Chilundo, M. Design of a water quality monitoring network for the Limpopo River Basin in Mozambique. Earth 33 , — Hansen, J. Review of seasonal climate forecasting for agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa. Manatsa, D. An innovative tailored seasonal rainfall forecasting production in Zimbabwe. Hazards 64 , — Shongwe, M.

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