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Laptop Hardware Repair

We have more than 30 years of experience in IT, our team has worked for large companies in the past, including one of the leading banks in Europe as system administrators and as software developers for the NHS. In this unfortunate circumstance immediately turn off your device, disconnect it from the power source and remove the battery if possible. Do not try to turn it back on in the next 48 hours. If your device has any issues post repair, please dont hesitate to come back to any iSmash store for a free diagnosis.

Warranty doesn't cover accidental damage such as dropping and smashing a screen, water damage or repairs done by non-iSmash authorised repair outlets. Booking in your device. We offer various options for getting your device to us. Either book an appointment online and drop by a store, order a post-in pack for secure, safe delivery to our repair centre, call-out a technician straight to your office or arrange a postal delivery to iSmash yourself.

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Customer Services. Photo: Don't junk your laptop just because it develops a fault. Investigate and see how easy it is to repair. It'll save you lots of money. Make sure you use the right tools for the job, however! Photo: Take sensible precautions when you venture inside your laptop.

Here, I'm using an anti-static wrist strap to protect a new hard drive that I'm installing in my PC. If your machine is still working, be sure to backup the entire hard-drive or at least your most important documents before you start. If your computer won't boot to let you back it up, you may be able to boot it from a CD-ROM or startup floppy remember those?

Another handy tip: if you're familiar with Linux , you might be able to boot using a Linux live CD , mount the Windows partition, and then copy the files onto an external flash drive inside Linux. If you're pretty sure the hard drive is intact, you may want to remove that and put it somewhere safe before you try other repairs.

You'll generally be able to read the hard drive from one machine in another, though you probably won't be able to boot up from it in a different machine. One thing to note in passing is that making backups only when your computer has just crashed is a bit silly.

Get into the habit of making backups regularly. Corporate IT departments usually back up their systems every night.

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Since I work from home, I make sure I back up the documents folder on my hard drive once a week without fail: it takes about a minute to copy the whole thing onto a USB memory stick, overwriting one of the backups from previous weeks. Try to organize your computer so the regularly changed items are in one place and quicker to copy. Backup less frequently changed things maybe your photo or music collection less often. Remember you can use things like MP3 players to store computer files as well as music, so you can use those as handy portable backups if you need to.


Another good tip is to keep an offsite backup somewhere. Keep a copy of your home computer's documents folder on a USB drive in your desk at work, for example. Then you're better protected against things like fire and theft. There are also plenty of secure, inexpensive cloud-based storage systems such as Amazon's S3, Google Drive, and Apple iCloud that you can use to backup your files online.


This is a plugin wireless card; you can also get plugin USB cards, dialup modems, memory cards, and lots more. Virtually every modern laptop has several USB sockets and it's easy to plug in an external keyboard , mouse , screen, webcam , hard drive , and so on. If something obvious breaks on your laptop, the simplest, cheapest, and easiest "repair" you can make is often to switch to an external device.

So, for example, if your keyboard breaks, you can use a plugin USB keyboard. If your sound card packs up, get yourself something like a Griffin iMic a little external sound card that plugs into your USB port. You can usually buy these sorts of addon "peripherals" for a few dollars on eBay and you can fit them in seconds, yourself, without tinkering inside your computer or worrying about making things worse. Job done! Understandably enough, most laptop users spend all their time looking at the keyboard and the screen.

But if you spend a moment looking at the underside of your machine, you'll find there are maybe half-a-dozen little plastic flaps, secured with one or two screw or slide clips, giving access to the components most likely to go wrong and need replacing. Generally, you can remove the battery, the hard drive, and add extra memory, and you may also be able to replace the CPU fan—all without going into the innards of the machine.

Photo: This laptop has five small flaps underneath giving easy access to the main components by lifting only a couple of screws. A few years ago, when I crashed the hard-drive on my nearly new laptop, I took it into a dealer for a very expensive repair, which would have involved unplugging the broken drive and swapping it for a completely new one and probably took about a minute. Shortly afterward, I discovered I could have done the same job myself by removing a couple of screws on the base of my machine. It would have been easy to look up the part number on Google or eBay and order myself a new drive at a fraction the price I was charged.

Take a few moments to look through the manual that came with your machine. Find out what flaps it has underneath and what you can easily gain access to and repair.

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Some parts of your machine won't be accessible through service flaps—and it's usually far from obvious how to get deeper into a laptop if the bit you want to replace isn't in sight. Once you start removing the main case screws, everything gets more tricky: if you take the wrong screws out, you can quickly find the machine falling apart in your hands!

Some laptops have snap-off plastic covers quite common with the screen surround, which you can usually snap off after removing a couple of screws hidden under circular plastic covers at the top and bottom. Others have snap-off covers over the power switches and around the keyboards. If you look closely, you can often see little recesses where a screwdriver can be inserted. But if you get it wrong and push or pull in the wrong place, you'll snap the plastic and damage it horribly.

Before you start wrecking your machine, search for online videos or repair sites that show you exactly how to get inside and access the part you want to replace. Bear in mind that some manufacturers Apple in particular go to very great lengths to prevent you repairing their devices, obliging you to buy new ones, and some devices are just difficult or impossible to repair. Sony ebook readers, for example, have extremely fragile screens that are bordering on impossible to remove; even their batteries are firmly glued inside and difficult to replace.

Nevertheless, you might still find a handy video on YouTube explaining how to do exactly the repair you need always check first to see if someone has blazed a trail you can follow!

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If your gadget is completely broken, you've nothing but time to lose by having a go—and you may well find it a very educational experience, even if you end up with a load of broken junk that's entirely beyond repair I got a fascinating insight into how touchscreens work by taking my ebook reader apart, for example, though all I had to show for my "repair" was a pile of broken glass, metal, and plastic. If your computer's problem isn't obvious, try Googling the symptoms. That's how I discovered the LCD screen inverter needed replacing on one of my old laptops: the screen was flickering and occasionally going dark, but I could still see what was written on it very clearly.

Having learned about the risks of replacing an inverter it's a high-voltage component , I took appropriate precautions, then removed a couple of screws on the bottom of my laptop's screen and ventured inside.