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Forest ecosystem carbon and nitrogen accumulation during the first century after agricultural abandonment. Ecological Applications 13 2 : Forest 2 4 : Assessing tree and stand biomass: a review with examples and critical comparisons, Forest Science Change in soil carbon following afforestation.

Forest Ecology and Management Accumulation of carbon and nitrogen by old arable land reverting to woodland.

Global Change Biology 9: Monitoring and verifying changes of organic carbon in soils. Climatic Change Ertragstafenln wichtiger baumarten bei verschiedener durchforstung. Imboschimenti realizzati con il Piano di Sviluppo Rurale. Prime valutazioni in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Sherwood Biomass equations for sixty-five North American tree species.

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Aspetti produttivi di rimboschimenti di pianura in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Forest 2 3 : Analysis of growth equations. Forest Science Indagine su impianti arborei non da frutto escluso i pioppeti effettuati con finanziamento pubblico nella pianura friulana.

Rapporto finale.

Aboveground biomass relationships for beech Fagus moesiaca Cz. On simplifying allometric analyses of forest biomass.


Alberti, A. Marelli, D. Piovesana, A. Peressotti, G.

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Gottardo, F. Corresponding Author G. Available in : Italian language. It was founded in by the innovative ideas of its founder and current president, film director Carlo Fumo. Over the years this concept and this "mission" involved with great success UNESCO sites of Paestum and Pompei where the festival took place in the last three editions.


The National Italian TV Artists , football team composed of personalities from the world of sport and entertainment, which for thirty years in Italy and abroad organizes football matches for charity, working with various associations and non-profit organization www. Carlo Fumo joined the national team in , in the role of midfield totaling over 30 appearances and 4 goals.

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Debut : Position : Midfielder Uniform number : Appearances : Goals: 4. Official Reel Play video. All info www. Nelle ultime edizioni, i numerosi attestati di stima, le innumerevoli partecipazioni di pubblico oltre Si sono iscritte alle categorie in gara oltre 4. Il Festival ha ospitato oltre filmmaker, attori, produttori e addetti ai lavori, provenienti da tutto il mondo. Grazie, Italian Movie Award!

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Area Sviluppo Industriale di Caserta, e la Dott. Tantissimi i fans accorsi per foto ed autografi; gli attori hanno regalato loro tanto entusiasmo, sorrisi e profonde parole.

Recensione Alfa Romeo Stelvio. I miei primi 7.000 km.

Siamo, inoltre, felicissimi di essere nella nostra amata Campania e soprattutto nella splendida Pompei. Complimenti agli organizzatori e grazie al pubblico che ci ha accolto con grande calore. Applausi e complimenti anche dalla stampa presente in platea per un Progetto davvero ammirevole. Note that if the versions have a very similar title and are in the author's profile, the links will usually be created automatically. Please note that most corrections can take a couple of weeks to filter through the various RePEc services. Economic literature: papers , articles , software , chapters , books.

Research output as. Bratti, Mendola, Bratti, M. Massimiliano Bratti, Bratti, Massimiliano, "undated".