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He being an elder, not so much. When revelations like that one are done, you usually go back and find signs in the book that makes you say 'right, that makes sense. It just makes sense. But him being an elder, it makes absolutely no sense. He doesn't show that much knowledge, nor strenght. There was nothing in the previous books that would even suggest that he is an elder.

If Selaine had told her that she had planned for Hunter to be her soulmates and that they were linked or something, I would have at least undertood, maybe is magic, she doesn't have a choice, but with no supernatural explanation, all I can think is she is extremely dumb and not ready to be the next sucubuss. Why succubus?

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Why not another name? I think Succubus and I think hypersexual demoness that steals energy from men using sex. Nothing in Selaine or Nora makes me think of a succubus. Apr 30, Amy McK rated it it was ok. At first it's pretty decent. I only started reading it because I clicked on it in my library by accident. I liked what I saw so I kept going.

The dream world was great, I enjoyed it too.

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And then Nora suddenly just did everything Hunter told her to without any thought to her family. I let it slide until the end of book one. Her reasoning to convert made sense, but then the solution was right there immediately.

ASOIAF: The Forsaken, The Winds of Winter

Wholly anticlimactic and foreshadowing of books to come. Book two became more annoying At first it's pretty decent.

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Book two became more annoying with the inner dialogue. I began to skim after it became easy for a new born vampire to resist human blood after getting a taste for the first time. At this point I didn't care about the folklore of the vampires. It became a big deal that she hadn't fed, but it was not explained why they just wouldn't feed her.

Regardless, there was a fight, they split up, though after revealing why I think it was kind of lame for the subterfuge. Nora becomes very annoying in her repetitive questions, whining, and inner dialogue. In a nut shell Nora suddenly is a bad ass martial artist gymnast, that is extremely smart in solving convoluted riddles. When it came to the archive and the creature everything was predictable.

There is a huge gap from the ending of book 2 to book 3.

War of the Spark: Forsaken (Magic: The Gathering)

I am being forced to rely on what Nora says but I have such a low opinion of her by this time that I don't trust what she thinks. Don't even get me started on the bear. After the third or fourth reference to the angels, me becoming increasingly distracted by ANYTHING going on around me, and wishing this book was over that I threw in the towel.

Mar 23, Aracelis rated it it was ok. The 1st book was dragging a bit. The 2nd was better I am on the 3rd and having a hard time to finish it. The main characters lack character. It is a high school girl who meets a boy who so happens to be a vampire and shows her something he wasn't supposed to and now they are after them. I guess they are supposed to be in love but there isn't anything showing it.

There isn't any passion between the two or love it is just well I think I love him so I must and same for him. The book has potential b The 1st book was dragging a bit. The book has potential but it doesn't grasp my attention.

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  • Maybe I will go back and finish it but for right now I can't keep my attention long enough to continue. Nov 23, Andrea M rated it did not like it. No depths in the characters I liked the setup of the story but it was very disappointing. Both main characters lacked that certain spark, and the story didn't evolve organically. It jumped from one event to another so I had to stop it after about pages. Can't recommend it I'm afraid. Mar 25, Stephanie rated it did not like it. Shallow There is not much depth to this series. Not much character development. Things resolve too easily.

    Too many details are left out, like you just need to trust it works this way. Jun 24, Lea Vanderlei rated it it was amazing. Great series! I absolutely loved this series! And just about all of the extra books that are in there are good as well, some of them I will definitely be reading again. Aug 19, SCS rated it did not like it. I tried. The grammatical errors abounded. It seemed, at times, two different people were writing. One was okay, and one just didn't cut it. For example in the book where the angels were liberated, the male angel who was spokesman was named Gabriel.

    A lot lame, but OK. A woman's name for a male angel formerly known as no, not Prince Gabriel, a masculine name. An I tried. And the sheer inanity continued. Where previously the hero was sharp, able to understand easily and quickly, in the later books she was a moronic teenager full of angst. A lot of sentences made NO sense whatsoever. And at the end of four books Nora suddenly becomes Laura.

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    • The explanations given were so awful and completely disregarding what was previously mentioned, and flawed reasoning that I cannot even express it. English simply cannot be this woman's first language because of many reasons to include structure. There's so much more, but she turned the teenager into a creepy, weird thing.

      I don't do spoilers, but since there was NOTHING like this , this demon, anywhere else in any of the books, I can only presume the author had no idea what the meaning of what she 6turned her hero into.

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      An evil creature. I don't recommend this book to anyone. Mar 31, Tiffany rated it it was ok. I will start by saying the first book wasn't all that bad.

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      It was good enough to make me want to know the ending The last two books I spent more time skimming and skipping pages than actually reading and missing sleep to find out what happens Nora first off I don't even think I have to explain why I have that opinion. I pi Well I picked this book up because I was going through my old Amazon account and couldn't remember reading it, now I remember I didn't bother finishing the second book.

      Props for creativity it was a refreshing twist on angels and "vampires" and the dream world idea was pretty clever. The writing in the first book was good enough to get everyone interested then it just slowly went down hill until the last book where it was just like "what the heck is going on". I can not recommend others to read this unless they are just looking for a light read.