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For good or for ill, I cannot say. For a bit the group debated, but finally they decided to follow what Ochako had seen in the stars. They set off for the nexus - for UA. They spent the time getting to know the members of the trope better. Katsuki, in particular, spent many hours with Ejirou, much to Izuku's amusement.

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Izuku, while making friends, turned his attention mostly to his newly discovered magic, learning the joy of wordsmithing. But give me a bit more of your time, gentle reader, and let us turn our tale towards another prince, one the fourth child of the king of Endeavor. The king of Endeavor, Enji, was born a member of one of the warring tribes of the south. The tribes had been blessed and cursed by the fae, giving them dominion over the powers of fire and summer, but regularly played tricks for their own amusement, resulting in many tragedies. Enji rose to prominence by gathering the tribes beneath his banner, forming a proper kingdom for the first time, and then won the hand of one of the princesses of the northern kingdom, blessed with power of ice and winter.

The land between them was united into the land of Endeavor. Together King Enji and Queen Rei had four children. Their first, Fuyumi, was the crown princess. She was a master of ice magic, capable of calling down a blizzard even in the hottest of deserts. None dared cross her. Their second, Toya, was born fragile but a gift almost as great as his father's. His power was too much for him, however; he was Enji's greatest disappointment.

In the end, the fae took him at an early age. It is said he now can be found near the people with hawk wings.

Natsuo took after his mother in power but not in scope. His gift of ice was a subtle, quiet one. He found his path in the way of the assassin, the quiet death in the night. A bit of ice in the brain did the job quite well. He managed Endeavor's spy network, quietly building a power base so his sister could come to the throne in due time, hopefully replacing their father. Shouto, their final son, was the only one of their children to inherit both of their powers.

From the days he could toddle, Enji trained him in the ways of the sorcerer warrior, determined to craft of him someone equal to the Mighty One in power. For Enji had noticed something most missed.

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When the Kingdom of All came to do diplomatic visitations, the hosting company would flourish for a time, then fade. Crops would fail. Mines would refuse to give up their profits. Blight spread through the forests. Despite all his efforts over the years, none of his spies or wizards had found an answer to this problem. And thus he would protect his hard earned wealth and power the only way he knew how: with force of arms. The stress drove Queen Rei mad, and she threw a pot of boiling water at her youngest son, leaving him with a scar for all his life. She was sent away, locked in a tower with ever comfort save a friendly face, far at the end of the kingdom amid the mountains.

Shouto grew up mostly alone. His brother Natsuo was more an acquaintance than a true sibling, though he always passed on information he found that would benefit his brother. He was closer to Fuyumi, as he often served as the weapon of the crown, and she knew of his work as heir. Weilding his fire for the throne had made him come to hate it even more than just his father's actions had.

He had the blood of dozens of brigands and pirates on his hands. Ice he could use for more than one purpose - but fire only brought death.

Shouto's few friends were the captain of his guard, Tenya, his personal bodyguard Mashira, and a fellow noble user of magics, Momo, who had the ability to craft almost anything. Many had hoped that Momo and Shouto would marry,. Never more had he been grateful not to be crown prince than he was the day he realized this. He kept his dalliances discrete, but enjoyed them none the less. None were great loves of the heart.

It seemed that such a thing was impossible for him. He was too damaged by his upbringing to give more than his body, and many of his lovers left unsatisfied in time, though none had been promised more. It was in his eighteen year that his father summoned him before the throne, with a surprise directive. As you know, their kingdom is the greatest threat to our prosperity.

For now they have confined their search in kingdom, but. Before that happens, you must obtain your adept status so you are able to fully protect this land. Adepts were able to command the power outside of themselves to bend to their will as well as their own. Enji had used his power over heat once to turn an entire section of the desert to glass, halting an enemy advance. Shouto did not particularly care about getting his adept status, but he knew that to do so he would have to leave the kingdom, and thus was not against the concept.

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To travel to UA, where creatures of this world and not mingled freely- that had been a dream of his for a long time. I will obey. She will accompany you. The man was a fool. Theoretically they were probably there to report on Shouto's progress to the king. In reality, both were loyal to Natsuo and would do their best to protect Shouto. Also, Shouto was fairly certain Mashira and Toru were sweet on each other.

He and Natsuo had a decent amount of money bet on them getting together by the end of the year. He'd totally take the chance to push them together if possible. The party traveled hard, for even if Shouto had no great desire to return quickly, he did want to be ready to defend his people if he needed to.

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He could dally at UA once his trial was complete. Upon their arrival, they were greeted by Nedzu, a fae of unknown origin. He looked into both candidates eyes, before nodding to himself. To that end, you will work with Lord Aoyama. Come with me. Within it, in a large pile of sand, sat an egg almost as tall as Shouto himself. How could such a thing have to do with his powers over fire and ice. Okay, he could probably boil the dumb thing and crack it open that way but he doubted that was the objective. This was a stupid, pointless task.

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Thankfully for his state of mind, a very welcome interruption came to break up his thoughts. Nedzu sent me to bring you to dinner. You've been here for hours. The speaker was a short young man with green hair. His skin was tanned from hours in the sun and freckles dotted his cheeks.

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Rolled up sleeves revealed strong arms also marked by freckles. For a moment, Shouto forgot himself. He had rarely seen such a beautiful person - not just because of his looks, but the warm smile on his face that lit him from within.