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If this tale is true, it is too close to the plot of Othello to be a coincidence. He would have interacted with them as servants, musicians, entertainers and even prostitutes. He would have been aware of their struggles within Elizabethan society, and the racism they endured.

In Shakespeare may also have met Abd el-Ouahed ben Messaoud ben Mohammed Anoun — the olive-skinned Moorish ambassador to the Arab King of Barbary — who is often cited as the inspiration for Othello. He visited the court of Queen Elizabeth, and sat for a portrait. Some suggest that Shakespeare and his troupe perhaps performed for him.

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The basic historical context and background to the plot is thought to have come from Geraldi Cinthio's book, 'Hundred Stories'. Othello finds another weapon, then Lodovico, Cassio, Montano, and Iago captured reappear. This time Othello wounds Iago, but is disarmed. All is revealed as letters explaining Iago's deeds were found on Roderigo, and he, when near death, professed that Iago had put him up to attacking Cassio.

In a closing speech, Othello pulls a hidden dagger and kills himself. Fittingly, Lodovico leaves Iago for Cassio to sentence and torture.

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I have a small question about Othello's transformation throughout the play. I've noticed that, at the beginning of the play, Iago and Roderigo sterotype Othello; they characterize him using beastial imagery, calling him the "black ram" and the devil". Othello, upon entering the play, proves this wrong, showing himself to be an eloquent man, refined in his actions.

However, as the play progresses, and Othello becomes more violent of speech and action, he lowers himself to Iago and Roderigo's characterisation of him. My question is this: why does this happen? What is the purpose of reducing Othello to a stereotype after painstakingly showing him to be otherwise?

Is there some wort of didacticism that I'm missing here? Anybody know? Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me. Hi all.

This part from Othello is driving me bonkers: Cassio. Away I say: go out and cry a mutiny. Nay good lieutenant. Alas gentlemen: Help hoa. Sir Montano: Help Masters. Heer's a goodly watch indeed.

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Anyone know who this Diablo character is meant to be? I've only just read and watched Othello for the very first time so I don't really know too much about it, but I'm just wondering how you all felt about the movie and how it compares to the text? I personally thought Fishburne was perfect as Othello but, and I'll probably be shot for saying this! I just did not 'feel' the same Iago I heard in the text in the movie. I'm not saying Branagh was bad, just that for me, Othello in the film and text were very similiar but I can't say the same for Iago.

Can't quite put my finger on why :nonod: What does everybody else think of the film in general? Any ideas guys? Hello Everyone I'm looking for a poem related to Shakespeare's Othello in theme jealousy, betrayal, etc. Anyone have any poems that are the best and most consistent with Othello? Thanks in advance! Hello Everyone.. I've read one of the most inspiring plays of William Shakespeare which is "Othello" , and I was surprised by the way in which Shakespeare introduced 'Iago'..

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Understood that maybe he considered Othello as an intruder who came to thier country and took the most beautiful lady there , and maybe he thought that Othello wants to gain limitless power pretending to be caring. But , all these reasons don't explain to me the monsterous actions that he did to Othello and Desdemona..

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I need some help! I need some good answers. I have done the best I can. Hi, just a quick heads up for UK members. Lenny Henry's Othello is being broadcast this afternoon on R4, 2. It's got a good write-up for both Lenny, and the actor playing Iago.


Very real, very scary. I'm off to listen Look through Othello's performance history, the character Othello wasn't played by a black man until , when Ira Aldrige stepped up to the plate. From Kean on, Othello was made a light-skinned Moor because the West had since made Africa a slave center and the African was pictured only as a slave.

But given all of this, what do you think of the following? Please submit a quiz here. Here is where you find links to related content on this site or other sites, possibly including full books or essays about William Shakespeare written by other authors featured on this site. Othello Search. Advanced Search. Othello's transformation Hello all. Due to the jealousy, he orders Iago to murder Cassio. Then Othello decides to strangle Desdemona. In a fit of grief and remorse Othello kills himself and Iago is taken into custody by the authorities.

What did actually inspire Shakespeare to write Othello?