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Only one copy of your certificate will be provided. We therefore recommend that you keep a certified copy of your certificate. Your certification has a limited validity.

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It lasts for two years. For example, if you take the "TCF for Quebec" examinations on 18 June , your certification will be valid until 17 June Past this date, your certification will no longer be valid. Your "TCF for Quebec" certificate is not the only document that may be requested of you by the Quebec immigration department. You must justify other elements financial, professional, etc. Your proficiency in French will earn you 16 points. This grading scale, set out by the Quebecoise Ministry for Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion, is comprised as follows:.

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This grading scale is only valid for the main applicant. The spouse of the main applicant can only receive points for proficiency in oral comprehension and expression maximum of 3 points for each skill, maximum of 6 points in total. You can prepare and familiarise yourself with the test format by using the tools listed on this page. Skip to main content. Search form Search.

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H Cooperation in education. See all the rubric. What is the TCF for Quebec? Your nearest approved TCF centre can provide you with information on: the dates of sessions the registration procedure the location of examinations the fee. How long will I have my certificate and where can I collect it from? Does my "TCF for Quebec" certificate have an expiry date? What level should I achieve for my immigration application to be accepted by the Quebec immigration department?

Score obtained for each examination. Don't believe me? It's oft considered an improper even lowly term, one that's overly familiar and the level of street talk, barely a step above the uttering of vulgarities.

In contrast to France, Quebec doesn't have its knickers in such a twist over the term. Describing everything from crocs to Eastern European fashion, it's remarkable how often one can incorporate this French Quebec term into everyday conversation. Bibitte is such a cute word. You'll generally hear it in Quebec and maybe in parts of New Brunswick and other small pocket regions in Canada where French is commonly spoken. And another thing. Don't say bibitte around French speakers in Louisiana unless you intend on waxing poetic over a certain male appendage.

Ah, but you don't care what it means? What a charming coincidence. Terrasse season really is a thing here. Unless it's winter. If I told you cheap booze—or an exceptional microbrew —is involved, could you manage an educated guess? Just don't be mixing it up with what it means in France. Not so much. Nowhere else in the world will you hear this term unique to Quebec.

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And it refers to the humble hot dog. That's Quebec code for "would you kindly add onions, mustard, relish and a mysterious vinegary coleslaw mix atop my steamed hot dog please? So to reiterate, if you want a steamed hot dog with the works at a Quebec fast food joint, just bark out "steam-ay all-drrrress" roll the R, people. Translated literally, it means "break crust. Rather, it's a common term for greasy spoons and fast food joints in Montreal and across the province of Quebec. What is a friperie? Vintages stores , that is.

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And in tune with Montreal's tendency to spice up English phrasing with the language of love, you're just as likely to hear a local Anglophone go on about the latest vintage hot spot as you are to hear "hey, wanna check out the new friperie? But it's used so often in everyday speech in these parts that it might as well be a word.

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Quebecers are sometimes accused of using too many anglicisms in everyday French conversation. Not that I think it's a horrible thing. In France, a weekend is a "week-end. Pronouncing it is fairly easy once you get the hang of it.

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Stationnement can also refer to the overall concept of parking. Not that anyone in France knows that, so the language gossip mongers say. Tripsavvy uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Tripsavvy, you accept our. Share Pin Email. Continue to 2 of 20 below. You say ouch? Quebec says Continue to 3 of 20 below.

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Continue to 4 of 20 below. Continue to 5 of 20 below. How do you pronounce it? Continue to 6 of 20 below. Continue to 7 of 20 below. It's pronounced B-BIT. Continue to 8 of 20 below. Continue to 9 of 20 below.