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Number 1 was Churchill , the others Pegasus, Valiant and Hercules. The last one was named after my granddaughter, Phoebe. Over recent years there have been several, the Olympic year in was a big one on the Thames, certainly the biggest that the river had seen in quite some time. I was part of the organising committee with Adrian Thames Festival Trust Director , and I was very fortunate to be invited by her Majesty aboard the barge on the day. There are lots of other smaller moments too.

We had duties to perform, accompany on state visits, and whenever a monarch or her majesty needed to go out on the river, we escort her. As a trustee, you are there to support, there to question, there to ensure that things are being done properly, to mitigate and identify risk, and to try and find solutions to those risks.

You are there to assist with any fundraising, to keep the activity of the trust in a good healthy economic state, and you are there to promote the event, as a wise head really. We ask that you support objections to the new UK Boatmaster's Licence by signing Early Day Motion and and attending an adjournment debate scheduled for at Westminster on 10 January Objections have been ongoing for 4 years now.

At each round of government consultation the objections raised by practitioners from the Thames have been the majority. Trade Unions have also objected nationally.


Interview with TFT Board Member & Director of Livett's Chris Livett

A petition signed by 5, river users was also delivered to Downing Street earlier this year. Yet, the common sense options have been ignored and the new legislation will be made very early in the New Year instantly making the river Thames a less safe place to work and visit. As the legislation is laid for consideration we have a last chance to preserve the standard. Please help us reach a compromise and make the most of this last opportunity. Explaining why the new Boatmasters Licence is a Lowering of safety standards.

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Part A. Why the reaches above Putney should be included. Part B. Why the reaches below point Margaretness should be included.


It takes 6 months of constant training to become a Senior Deck hand. This includes navigating the ferry in both the day time, night time and at different states of tide. They are tested on the rules and by laws, and are tested in depth on their local knowledge. All this is over a course of six months, and only then, after completing their training, can I, as the Captain, decide if they are competent enough to handle the ferry unsupervised, taking up to lives in their hands.

Promotion to a Mates position at the ferry requires you to under go another three months supervised training, and another test on by laws and local knowledge. And only then can the Mate be left in command. And finally to become a Captain of the Woolwich Ferry you are tested yet again on by laws and local knowledge, amongst other various managerial skills.

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All this is after serving a five to seven year apprenticeship and becoming a fully qualified Waterman. This has always been a requirement of the Woolwich ferry. Under the New National Boatmasters Licence the time to gain a working licence is reduced to days plus six months local knowledge, as apposed to a minimum of five years, to be a fully qualified Waterman.

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  • And with the introduction of the New Licence you could now become a Captain on the Woolwich Ferry in just three years. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Education. Full Name Comment goes here.

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    Mudlarking London's Thames near Execution Dock at low tide.