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Even though, I think Cail is getting way to little time with her. And Tymber obviously likes to keep her readers on the tenterhooks. Cannot wait to read the next part. Go Tymber! May 21, Timeforme rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-paranormal-fantasy , dollarto-5 , read-menage , 5-star. An excellent addition to the Triple Trouble series.

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Loved the seeing all the characters from prior books again and getting to meet the new ones. Abernathy is a villain that just makes you want to whack him and Mai is a wonderful addition to the relationship between Micah and Jim. Elain has really grown as a character although I thought the birth control thing was underhanded.

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The fight was awesome. I was so glad she took Paul in hand so to speak. And what can I say about the Lyall brothers The plot was well done and well written. There were some twists that were completely unexpected and quite a few great snark lines to enjoy. Can't wait for the next book to come out hope it isn't too long a wait. View 1 comment. Jun 11, Katya rated it really liked it Shelves: shifters.

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This series is hard to put down It is full of action, new characters, and a confrontation that is hard to forget with the Abernathy clan. I love how strong Elain has become I just really enjoyed reading this book and look forward to the next installment. Jun 28, P. Lupton rated it really liked it. This was the best book in the series so far.

However, I was confused at times. There are characters and other things that were not mentioned in book and yet was in this book as if the reader should know. I would strongly urge readers to look up the reading chronology before they read it because I think there are books between the third and fourth book that will help you follow book 4 better. Ultimately though, i still followed the story and enjoyed it.

May 24, Melanie rated it it was amazing. Tymber has done it again!!! This book just sucks you into the storyline, expands it and then leaves you with a cliffhanger. I could not put my Kindle down and I finally finished the book at am- wanting more. They say that you know a book is good when you don't want it to end This was one of those books for me I can't wait for the next installment.

Jun 07, Tia rated it it was amazing.

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I was so stoked to finally get this book. Literally, I nearly crapped myself with joy. It has been such a long wait and it was certainly well worth it. I hope that the fifth book in the series is a bit more quicker at being released cause I'm already wanting to read it badly. May 24, Eva rated it really liked it Shelves: adult , paranormal , shapeshifters , magic , menage.

This series is such fun to read.

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The characters are well developed and I love how strong willed the women are without being over the top. Lots of good humor as well. May 27, Karen rated it liked it Shelves: paranormal-shifter-vamps , romance , science-fiction. Another cliff-hanger Mar 19, Jennie rated it it was amazing. I think I found a new favorite Author.

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Jul 16, Carrie Newton rated it really liked it. Still short but getting better. May 30, Tammy rated it it was amazing. The sex was unbelievably HOT! The characters you just wanted to be them. I absolutely loved, loved, loved this story. I laughed and drool alot. So looking forward for more. Mar 17, Charlene rated it really liked it.

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Almost too much going on. Cassandra rated it really liked it Oct 19, Karenza Lees rated it it was amazing Aug 27, Read more from Yahoo Entertainment:. This should also be true for congress men and women who do the same to elected officials. If it's fair for one it's fair for all. They should have to watch their mouths also. Entertainment Home. Follow Us.

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