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How to pronounce vive? Alex US English. Daniel British. Karen Australian. Veena Indian. How to say vive in sign language? Shenai-Khatkhate : Destino no se queda en las estrellas, pero ella vive dentro de nuestros personajes imo. Popularity rank by frequency of use vive Select another language:. Powered by CITE. We could spend hours and hours listening to all of them telling about their lives, past and present of struggles for land rights, education and survival.

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Stories that inspire and make us reflect on how much and for what we have had to fight until today. For teachers, the current struggle is for the preservation and adaptation of teaching the Xavante language and culture at school, which insists on traditional and standardised didactic materials. How to teach a Xavante child that Brazil was discovered in by a Portuguese, knowing that his people had been there for generations?

O impostor que vive em mim (Portuguese Edition)

How to explain the four different seasons of the year and about snow for those who were born and raised in the heart of the Brazilian Cerrado? Xavantes believe in the cycle of life and respect their phases. Boys, during their youth, spend five years living in what they call the House of Singles.

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After this time, they will go through months on a ritual of initiation that involves diverse tests of strength and resistance. We arrived exactly in the month of running contests. Every day they run, betting among them. Some days the girls run too. The whole ritual is attended by older and married godmothers and godparents, who also have their moments during the ritual months. On the days we were there, we were able to follow the daily routine of a beautiful circular dance with Xavante songs, which took place daily around 4 am and 3 pm.

On the first day, we were invited to observe and learn and, only from the second day on, we were invited to join the activities. Everything happened smoothly, without any change or interference by our presence. Nothing fake and specially prepare for tourists, and that gave a lot of genuineness to our experience.

Our daily lives in the village involved very little contact with women. Besides the cultural issue I do not know if the word would be shy, but they did not look us in the eye , the language barrier is certainly a limiting factor. Although they learn Portuguese at school, most of them do not understand or speak the language. He admitted that they too were very curious about us: why we used earrings in the Xavante culture, only men pierce the ear or why we painted our hair. The teacher proposed a conversation between the women of the group and the Xavante girls.

And it was under a Pequi tree that we put our chairs in a circle and chatted a lot.

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Unfortunately, we had the translation of a man, Professor Eurico. But he had an importance and good intentions when proposing this approach. It was an unique experience to look into their eyes, to laugh together about habits like makeup, hair removal, sunglasses and trousers.

Yes, the Xavante women do not wear trousers. It was beautiful, poetic. Then I accomplished, as a society, how sick we are and the sacrifices we make, the money we invest, the importance we give only to appearances. We take care of our exterior so much that we leave our interior sick. Participating in an experience like this requires giving up comfort in exchange for the depth of the experience.

In my case, the exhaustion of the long journey soon dissipated and gave way to excitement and curiosity for the new, the unknown. My voice always present and even exaggerated sometimes gave way to silence. Recognizing that it was not my moment was my greatest exercise. I was not there to talk, but to listen.

Because He Lives (Portuguese translation)

Listen with the ears and also with the heart. Listen to the words spoken, but especially to those not spoken. Would you like to add some words, phrases or translations? Submit a new entry. Compile a new entry. Usage examples with vive vive a dos pasos de mi casa. The entry has been added to your favourites.

"Vive la" translation into Portuguese

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