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So if I'm going to act like a slut, he's going to treat me like one. He's going to make me take it from him rough. Get it from him hard. And, for my punishment, he's not going to use protection! Words: 6, Lauren and Charlie are working at the same summer camp. Since she hates him, she hasn't told her friends he's her stepbrother. When the kids go to bed every Saturday, the counselors play Seven Minutes in Heaven. It's nothing special until Lauren is paired with Charlie. Even though it's so wrong, they can't stop after 7 minutes.

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Charlie is going to give it to Lauren hard and without protection! Words: 7, Published: February 5, by Sweet Lix Media. Now that Zoya has something new, long, and thick in her pants, every lesbian in town wants to take it for a ride. But after a while, the meaningless sex stops satisfying her.

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In search of a real connection, Zoya turns to online dating. The first girl she finds seems ideal in every way - until she figures out Addison just wants a threesome. And Zoya is going to punish her for it. Words: 8, Zoya is no ordinary lesbian. When the stunning soft butch gets angry, her rage overflows and swells into a huge, throbbing cock. Now the friend who always flirted and teased her wants to get back in touch.

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With Zoya's new equipment, "straight" Cara is bound to give her a chance. But Zoya no longer wants a relationship. She wants payback Words: 9, Published: February 4, by Sweet Lix Media. Getting left for a guy was the ultimate insult for Zoya, a soft butch with a broken heart. Months after the split, she's still taking her anger out on a punching bag. Emma was always selfish in bed, but the rage really bubbles up in Zoya when she thinks about how her ex-girlfriend snuck around and cheated on her.

But Zoya has some new "equipment" now - and it's time for revenge Words: 47, It's forbidden. It's wrong. But you want it anyway.

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Now you can have it, with nine new stories in one massive page taboo megabundle! In these stories, sweet girls and dominant men get too close for comfort. It's always taboo and kinky, and they never use protection! Try some Cherrie Pye. It will leave you begging for more! When Meri walks into Julius Constantin's office, it's to ask the fabulously wealthy man to donate money to charity. But Julius has other ideas for this big beautiful girl. He can't take his eyes off her curves, especially those child-bearing hips. They can trade off: his money for her body.

He wants an heir, so when his lust overpowers him, he's not going to pull out! Published: December 17, by Sweet Lix Media. Live-in nanny Destiny loves her job. But she finds herself in an uncomfortable position when her good-looking white boss tells her about his problems with his cheating wife. Wealthy men reveal their true desires in these three steamy stories! These mature billionaires are used to getting what they want, and other men are no exception. Inflamed with lust for the cute twinks, the seductive older men can't control their passion - so when they get the boys alone, they're not going to be gentle.

Words: , Published: November 27, by Sweet Lix Media. Cherrie Pye presents the ultimate megabundle: twenty taboo tales for one insanely low price! That's right - over pages of kinky, hot forbidden fucking! This massive box set includes all kinds of filthy taboo fantasies.

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Always hard, rough, and without protection! I've never been to this bar before. I've never met my sister's new husband before. I've never had sex with another man before. A lot of things are about to change tonight I'm not gay. Not even a little. But every night I dream of being taken roughly by my best friend. When he realizes that something's up, I admit my dirty homo fantasies.

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  • My friend is happy to make them come true - dirtier, nastier, and rougher than I ever dreamed! When my best friend wants to set me up with a guy, I'm not sure at first. I've never done anything like it before. But the idea of hooking up with someone who also likes it rough is tempting. The guy turns out to be someone I know - someone close to my home. And he's going give me sex as wild, rough, and taboo as I ever hoped! Published: November 26, by Sweet Lix Media. Innocent men. Sudden desires. Throbbing cocks. Tight holes In these three stories, young guys do things they've never done before.

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    • They do it hard, fast, and rough. And they love every second of it!

      BBW Bundle: Curvy, Thick and Wet

      Words: 19, Published: July 14, by Sweet Lix Media. Boys have always made Nancy's eyes wander. For almost thirty years, she's been faithful to her husband anyway. Those hard-bodied, fresh-faced, delectable young boys wouldn't be interested in a woman of her age. Everything changes when she gets divorced. During multiple encounters with three sexy young men, this seductive cougar finds out they can also teach her a thing or two Words: 66, Published: July 9, by Sweet Lix Media.

      The complete Where Bear Love Trilogy in one thrilling box set! These three interlinked paranormal romance stories follow Penny and her family as they discover the pack of wild, muscular werebears who thrive in the forest, and the love only an untamed force of nature can provide. Words: 30, Venture capitalist Orson Vincent wants Felicia Marshall's small business. He wants it almost as much as he wants her sweet, curvy body. Felicia doesn't want to give up the failing restaurant.

      Her heated arguments with Orson are making her want to give up something else, though: her virginity. When the handsome werebear claims her, will her pride and independence keep her from giving in? Words: 21, It isn't easy growing up half-human, half-werebear.